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How being pansexual affects my work as a prostitute

In honor of LGBTQ pride month, I wanted to open up about my sexuality and how it affects my job a sex worker. I identify as pansexual.  Pansexual is defined as not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. This  means that I find an attraction to both men, women, gender fluid / genderless and trans individuals. My attraction is more to the person than their appearance or gender identity.

I feel that this gives me an advantage in this business as I don't see gender or physical appearance first. I enjoy getting to know the person beneath and spending intimate time with them. Many of the ladies at Nevada brothels do identify as bisexual, bi-curious or bi-flexible, while others may be straight.

I will say that I do prefer males to females, as I need to be penetrated to orgasm, however I definitely enjoy time with ladies or trans individuals as well. This makes me the perfect lady for couples, looking for their first threesome, or ladies planning on visiting solo. I also really enjoy two girl parties with other ladies at the ranch. I get to admire these beautiful women each day and the opportunity to get intimate with them is always appreciated. When a man or couple are seeking a threesome, they want someone who will enjoy themselves in the process and that's me!

Being open minded and pansexual rather than bisexual means I am also very gender fetish friendly. I would genuinely enjoy partying with anyone who identifies as a cross-dresser. I am a pleaser by nature and if this is what turns you on, I can assure I will have lots of fun as well!

I truly enjoy my job and am so proud to be considered part of the LGBTQ community. The combination of the two adds so much to my life and I would love to share it with you at Love Ranch North!


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The Only Legal Way to Enjoy Escort Services

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, but through the development of sex-negative norms in our society it has become illegal and looked down upon. While many countries have moved past this stigma, such as Canada, Australia and parts of Europe, it still remains illegal across most of America.

Many states do have multiple "escort agencies" however there is a fine line between companionship for pay and breaking the law. If you have paid an escort for her time, even as a donation, and she engages in any type of sexual activity with you, you are tiptoeing the line into illegal activity.  At one point in my career I tried signing with a well-known escort agency and during the interview, he asked me if I was a cop at least 6 times... that killed it for me. If we were not doing anything wrong, why was he so focused on whether I was a cop or not. I walked out and never looked back.

I hope in my future to adopt a child, or possibly work for a government agency at some point and I know having a solicitation charge on my record would be an instant deal breaker. That agency had no legal way of protecting me from being arrested because what I would be doing with them was obviously not legal. That is part of what makes me so grateful for Nevada brothels.

Love Ranch North, along with Bunny Ranch, Kit Kat Ranch, Sagebrush ranch and our two houses near Las Vegas and other legal brothels are the only options to pay for the companionship and physical intimacy of a lady without breaking US law. At the Lyon county houses, you can spend as little as 30 minutes with a legal prostitute or you can take her on a weeklong+ vacation around the state of Nevada. The choices of ladies and activities are endless. You can even take one of us to Las Vegas for the weekend as long as you meet us here first to book.

Now I realize the prices may be a bit higher that paying for an illegal escort but we have higher operating costs that are good for you in the long run. Each licensed courtesan at Nevada brothels spends on average $350 per month for required weekly STD testing. This ensures peace of mind that even with condom use, there is absolutely no chance of taking home a disease. We have a full time staff of cashiers, bartenders, drivers you can use, security and housekeepers. Each night we pay $31 for our room, which is clean and comfortable for you to enjoy our company without having to shell out for a hotel room.

The most important benefit for you is that your visit with me or any of the ladies at a Nevada brothel is 100% legal and discreet. There is no chance of getting arrested for solicitation which could affect your career or personal life. While it may require more travel or planning than calling an escort agency or perusing the streets, think of all the benefits of enjoying an escort legally, before putting yourself at risk or disease or arrest.


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The natural born slut. Why it’s rare and why its amazing.

While all the women who are working girls definitely enjoy sex, there is something to be said for being a natural born slut. This is a term that the beautiful Roxanne Price gave to me because I just exude sluttiness I suppose.
I love it!

To be frank, I come from a long line of promiscuous family members. Its something that seems to be genetically ingrained in me. For example, my mother's father, a man neither of us has met, was married to a woman who was not my grandmother at the time my mother was conceived. That is just one example that I am comfortable sharing. I have never been able to be monogamous regardless of how hard I tried and my first marriage failed, among other reasons, because of it.

This has led me to realize that I can only be in an open, polyamorous relationship, where sex with new people is always an option.

Sex to me is more than fulfilling a physical need. It feeds my body and my soul. I am completely insatiable. I can never get enough! I want to try every type of fetish and I want to try it a few times to make sure I do/don't like it!

I never shy away from an opportunity to try something new. I have enjoyed gangbangs, orgies, group sex, food fetishes, true dom-sub relationship, anal, ATM, Double Penetration and even sex with a friend who is a little person. There are other things I have tried that I may not have enjoyed, such as urination, but if it pleases my partner, I do get a little excited by it!

These are the kinds of things that make me a natural born slut. What makes it known is that I am an open book. I will answer any question (as long as its respectful with the intent to learn), offer tips on oral or squirting or talk about the fun experiences I have been so fortunate to have.

I had a very honest relationship with my mom and that helped me be proud of my body and proud of my sexuality. When I told her at 15 that I was having sex, she immediately took me to get the pill, without judgement and we had great discussions on being safe and enjoying it in a healthy way and knowing when to wait.

Now on to why I think that being a natural born slut is so rare. The society we live in is not in any way sex positive. Sex is wrong, dirty, gross, immoral etc... Even in 2016, expressing yourself sexually means you are a slut or a whore, and those terms are used as derogatory! Those words to me are compliments. It means that someone truly knows who I am because I have been able to express myself to them. I am always saddened by the fact that there are so many true sluts out there who just want to enjoy all that sex has to offer but have been conditioned by parents or religion to shelter those desires and fetishes that are deemed as dirty.

Now what this means for you... your experience with me is something that won't just be enjoyed by you, but will also be fully enjoyed by me! Sex with a new partner always turns me on and I have never had a party where I didn't orgasm at least once! I will be completely into my experience with you and take so much pleasure in pleasing you, it will be an experience you will never forget!

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Sex and Married Men: Unhappily ever after?

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, gentlemen are often at their romantic best as chocolates, lingerie, impromptu vacations, and other glamorous gifts are showered upon their ladies. This isn’t an exclusively February occurrence however. I see plenty of men all year round that are madly in love with their wives, gushing as they speak about their soulmate and mother of their children, and yet many of these men consider themselves unhappily married. They feel that sexual communication in their marriage is limited or they cannot express their true erotic desires to their wives. This leads to a lot of sexual as well as emotional frustration. If you cannot be open up with your life partner, who can you be open with?

While many would say you can share everything with your spouse but keep it professional with a prostitute, it is often quite the opposite. I have had my fair share of sex parties that were truly about a married man exploring his kinks with a nonjudgemental professional. I see many recent divorcees as well, whose marriages have not been successful because of a lack of communication or an unwillingness to try new things in bed. It’s stunning how many sexual secrets lovers hide from one another, for fear that their partner will harshly judge their “deviant” sexual inclinations. Whether it be foot fetishism, anal play, cross-dressing, or even dirty talk, many men only reveal their true sexual selves to working girls like me.

In my personal life, I am married, but lead an open polyamorous lifestyle. My husband and I attend orgies and parties, but we also date others and are allowed to pursue sexual relationships on our own. I can have boyfriends and lovers as well as pursue this line of work because I truly love what I do — and I do it with the full trust and blessing of my husband. It is what makes the relationship between my spouse and I strong. I wonder: If my gentlemen clients had an open dialogue in their home and a partner willing to explore new things with them sexually, maybe their marriages would be more successful and complete. For the time being, it stands unanswered, and that’s where sexually open women like me can truly provide a service to the frustrated men who seek our company.

As a married man or divorcee, when you come into a Nevada brothel, no judgement is passed. We understand the bitter reality of unhappy marriage. You will be welcomed with open arms and an open line of communication, in a highly discreet and private environment. You will be given an opportunity to share what exactly it is you would like from our experience — no fetish is shunned here. We can also serve as emotional support by providing a sincere and genuinely compassionate listener, if that is what you need. The ladies truly enjoy giving you this experience and, if this post strikes you, we hope to be able to do so for you soon.

I have found the perfect lovers for me because I always was, and continue to be, open about my personal and sexual feelings. It’s a fearlessness that I’m proud of and that serves me well in my relationships and in my role as a sex worker. Without fail, honesty is the best path to not only a happy life, but also a healthy and fulfilling sex life.